Can products be unintentionally deleted from a Shopify store?

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Recently about 1/2 of my inventory was deleted from my Shopify store.  I did not authorize this and have reached out to Shopify help and my apps that the products were deleted from such as, DSers, Printify, Printful and none of them have any answers.  I have no employees or collaborators and am the only one with access and have no idea how this happened.  Can a Shopify store be hacked?  Shopify help tells me that my store is secure and they don't know how this would happen.  All of my apps say that the products were deleted from Shopify and to take it up with Shopify.  No one has an answer yet I am left holding the bag.  To restore all these products and their variants will take weeks of work.  Has anyone else had this issue and how was it resolved?  Thanks!

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I don't have all the context here but if you have an app in place that has the ability to add/remove products that is generally the best place to start looking. 


Your store has an activity log (/admin/activity) so if this happened recently take a look through that. I would guess you'll see the names of apps removing something. If it was a while ago it might take a lot of clicks to get to that day so be ready for that.


It's not uncommon for a dropship app to do that if for whatever reason the item is no longer available so your post isn't raising alarm bells for me quite yet. You mentioned DSers and that's one app that can delete things.

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Thank you, I appreciate your reply.  I have deleted DSers as an app and think I may just remove my store as well.  This has been a tremendous amount of work with about 1 hour's worth of pay.  How long do I beat a dead horse?  Apparently quite a long time.

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I’m so sorry for what you’re facing right now as it’s a very terrible situation, has any progress been made so far?

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!
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@Paula68 ,

Contact Dsers support directly and chat on Messenger. 

If you have a backup then upload the product Csv.  Or you can directly communicate to shopify support they will provide you with product data.

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Thanks for your input.  I immediately did that with both of them and neither one of them had an answer for me.  They both said to take it up with the other one and nothing was solved.  Also the mystery is all my digital downloads were deleted and several other print on demand products.  In my research I am getting conflicting reports about DSers.  Some say it is the best drop shipping platform, others say don't even use it as it has such slow shipping times and corrupt suppliers.  I ended up deleting it and the rest of their products that were on my store.  Very bummed and think either I'm not cut out for this or just cut my losses and let it go.


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Hi Paul!


My entire shop was wiped out today and all my products deleted. Shopify has no answers. Did you figure out how this might have happened?  I had partially installed CEDCommerce but then removed it.  Not sure if that could have caused this issue but I'm beside myself.

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Hi Jom,

I had the same problem as you can see if you've followed this thread.  I did all the things suggested and I have gotten no answers from either Shopify or my apps.  they all say to ask the other platform.  An endless discouraging loop that leaves me holding the bag.  Wish I could be of help to you.  If you figure it out let me know.


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This happened to me today also, I’m hoping I can get some answers because there’s no way I can re-create all the content I have on my store for products. 

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i paid in September  for my shopify store with a paid theme but my store got deleted in November . i thought it was a bug and paid again to ceate my store . and it was ready today . but .......... its wiped out again . i think shopify  is going to destroy its customer base soon and a new app may take over it. thank you shopify .