Can wholesalers agree to terms during sign-up or on invoice?

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We would like wholesale customers to agree to our terms and conditions before they are able to complete an order with us. We currently enable wholesalers to sign-up to our wholesale channel and then we approve them. Is it possible to add a stage during the sign-up process where they have to consent to these terms and conditions? If not, could we add a short disclaimer to the draft invoice notification template?

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Hi Denfield,


[Wholesale Pricing Discount app], has a [Sign-up Form feature]. It can add a custom box for Terms and Conditions there. Customers are required to select that checkbox in order to submit the sign-up form to create an account in your store.


On the backend of your store, you can see if a customer has agreed to the Terms of Services.


Another thing that you can do is introduce a manual approval process for each submission. If a customer ends up submitting a form to have a Wholesale account in your store, they will only get access if you approve their request. You can also ask them to agree to the Terms then.


Full disclosure: I am a customer success specialist at Wholesale Helper. Happy to walk you through too if you’d like a personalized demo.

I hope this helps 🙂

Ahmed Talha

Wholesale Helper