Dropshipping receipts are not sell receipts from physical stores!

Dropshipping receipts are not sell receipts from physical stores!

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Hi all,


I have a essential problem with the dropshipping: I want to send receipts with my profit and NOT receipts containing third-part profits! (1) My payment method is Paypal.

The problem is that there is no shopify app that can do this!

Do you have any idea how to tackle this problem?


(1): The reason I don't want to issue a receipt with the full amount is simple: I forward the money and I don't own the goods. For the same reason Shopify doesn't present as a revenue the full money it collects from customers on behalf of the shop owners active in the platform.

Say it differently using an example selling China goods in a European country, if I issue 100$ receipt for goods plus shipping and keep say 10$ then:

- tax authorities will ask 20%VAT on 100$ = 20$

- tax authorities will pose a 10% fee on profit 10$ =1$

Sum: 21$ taxes for every 10$ profit! Sounds good?

There is more, if I claim that I sell goods from a third country - that I never has imported! - then tax authorities will claim a top of 20% VAT for imported goods (20%x100=20$) plus customs fees plus penalties not having been declared (penalties include criminal court)!

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Hi @g3cent 


Using only PayPal or any other method? 

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Hi, how did you end up resolving your issue?