Eco-Friendly Dropshippers suppliers in Europe

Eco-Friendly Dropshippers suppliers in Europe

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I am establishing my dropshipping store and need help to find Eco-friendly and environment friendly dropshippers suppliers in Europe.

Any tips and assistance would be highly appreciated  

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Hi @Lilis1 

You can find Eco-friendly dropshipping suppliers on Syncee Marketplace:

Syncee - Global Dropshipping
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Hi many thanks to the answer, I checked it it is very nice source but I didn't understand what administration tool you are using, I need to understand more if there administration app like Oberlo which can deal with all the suppliers inside Syncee ?? are you allowing other suppliers and apps to be installed in my Shopify store ?? Do you have the option to build complete shopify store similar to Bigbuy offer from A-Z then I don't need to deal with many parties ?? 

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AppScenic is a dropshipping tool, just like Oberlo, but our high-quality products are coming from suppliers all around the world, such USA, CAN, EU or UK, not from China. 


So, how does it work exactly? Well, if you have a Shopify store, you can sign in for an AppScenic Account for free, then integrate your store with our App and start browsing for eco-friendly products and then import them to your store. It's very easy. 


We also automate the entire dropshipping process for you, from 24/7 price & stock sync between your store and suppliers, auto-ordering and automatic payments via an innovative wallet system, auto-importing tracking numbers & shipments management to auto-importing products to your store with just a click.


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to start dropshipping with AppScenic.


Hope this answered all your questions. 🙂

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Hi @Lilis1

It's great that you're looking for eco-friendly and sustainable products! What a fantastic question.

AliExpress or Oberlo do not have a separate category for eco-friendly or environmentally-friendly products.

It's a matter of searching for keywords (for example "eco-friendly") and then checking materials and product descriptions. You could always ask the suppliers directly about their packaging, shipping, and manufacturing processes to see if they're sustainable! We also have some great suggestions for operating sustainably using Oberlo.

That said if you're not using Oberlo or are looking for alternatives, I have heard of Green DropShip, but their warehouses are based in the US so they might not suit your purposes. There have also been similar community questions about this topic l that may provide you with better resources or suggestions.

If you told me what your brand is about and what you're thinking of selling, I may be able to better help you!

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