From where i add product for my open dropshiping

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Hi i want to start open dropshiping.. My first question

1. From where I will added product Only in spoket?

2. When someone order a product how can i contrac with suplier? And how to pay suplier..

3. In Some wholesale website i saw their shiping time is so long like 8-14 days .. My customer will wait 8/14 days or there have any way after contrac with suplier for delivery soon to my customer?

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Please check the following link;


Hopefully this will be useful,



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Spocket is only one of many dropshipping apps that you can use to add products to your Shopify store. Here are all the apps that you can use to find products on Shopify:


AppScenic is also one of those dropshipping apps that you can use to find products and suppliers. Most of our suppliers can ship super fast to countries like UK, USA, EU and more. You can check more about the app here:


Hope this helped and happy dropshipping! 🙂

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