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Hello everyone!


I’m the owner of and I have been using companies like Printful and Printify for years but as a golf company and that I have some more money to work with, I want to find a supplier I can use to buy items wholesale. The Shopify App companies do not offer polos and that’s my main focus is to get a solid polo shirt for my store. Eventually will want towels, quarter zip jackets, vests, etc. 

Asking the community who they can recommend to me for suppliers to make polo shirts for me at wholesale price and buying bulk. 

Also any good/bad experiences that I can look out for and avoid. 

Like I said I’ve been drop shipping for years but now planning on doing business this way, so if you guys could give any tips or chime in with any info I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you!

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There are limited number of suppliers who sells polo and related products. One of them is U Suck at Golf. 

Hopefully it helps.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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We recommend Yoycol.  Yoycol offers complete Print-On-Demand services and dropshipping. You can make your own design on a variety of products and sell them.


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There aren't that many places that sell polo and related items. U Suck at Golf is one of them.


We hope it helps.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

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Who did you end up using? I'm trying to find one as well that I can integrate with my store but I'm not having much luck.





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