How can I automate third-party product notifications on my online store?

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Im not too tech savvy however I'm after assistance.

We have a product that a 3rd party will manufacture for us here in Australia, how do we add the product to our shopify so that when an order comes in for the product it automatically lets them know as they will also ship direct to the customer.



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Hi @sammysimmonds ,
You may try my app Feeds Bridge you can on-board catalog from 3-th party vendors using it as well as create order fulfillment requests, this is how it works:

When you create new Vendor on Feeds Bridge fulfillment service will be created on shopify and all products which you assign to this specific fulfillment service will be eligible for fullfillment through Feeds Bridge (you can create products via Feeds Bridge or directly on shopify and assign Feeds Bridge managed fulfillment service) in this case each time new order gets created you will be able to create fulfillment request which will be sent to Feeds Bridge. You can also grant access to your vendors so they can fulfill their orders there by themselves, they will see how much they will get for each fullfilled item, which items has been paid for.
If you have any questions you can also contact me ( and I will explain how everything works in more details.

Simonas Skrodenis
Developer of Feeds Bridge - Catalog Management System