How can I check if a dropshipping product is patented?

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I have a dropshipping store and I'm obviously keen to avoid putting patented products on my store. Recently there was a product I wanted to add but my wife spotted that it was a copy of the design of a product from a well known brand. It didn't have any branding on it claiming to be that brand but it was clearly a copy of a very distinctive design. Is there a good way to check without having to hire someone to do it for me? For example, it would be good if I could upload some images of a product to a website which would then run a check for me.


I don't want to be selling products that break some patent laws and I'm also worried about getting banned from Facebook advertising. At the same time I don't want to miss out on some products that might be perfectly legal for me to sell.


Any suggestions most welcome. Thanks.

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I would contact the brand directly. The best relationships I've had in dropshipping (I've had 2 stores that had at least some products dropshipped) have been directly with the vendor.

If they do not want you reselling their products, then you have a quick easy answer that keeps you safe from potential legal worries you have. If they agree, boom you have a direct connection with a supplier that you can cultivate into a fruitful business relationship.

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Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I probably wasn't very clear in my question. My concern is that my supplier in China may be selling a product that breaches a design patent of another brand. I don't want to find that I am selling a product, unaware of the fact that it is actually a copy of something else. Sometimes this is obvious but sometimes not so obvious. If I don't know what brand it is copying then I won't know who to ask questions to. The supplier might not always tell the truth or sometimes may have overlooked something themselves.

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What is your store URL or the product listing URL?

Also, try searching similar terms and keywords from your own, or your suppliers product description. You may find the same or similar products then go from there. You could also try an image search, search the Trademark databas (TESS) for keywords, or ask elsewhere online. (reddit, twitter, FB, etc)

I hope that helps!

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