How can I easily contact Handshake for wholesale inquiries?

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For god sake why this shopify contact and support is so complicated first of i want a whatsapp number of someone who can help me with this i cant spend 7 years to go through 100 things to get an answer second i neeeed to get products from handshake i will buy big quantity for my online store please someone give me a contact number or an email to answer and explain my concerns about getting wholesale from handshake thank youuu

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Thank you for answering i tied to contact them but thwy send me to shopify and shopify send me to them i  really dont know why they have such complicated system please give me you e mail if you have same products as i found in handshake then i will get from you for sure its urgent thank you

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Why don't you try selling wholesale on your own site? It's more feasible and you don't need to pay commission amount to other marketplaces/platforms. If you're interested in creating a combined B2C & B2B wholesale store on Shopify, you can check this guide:

Hope this helps! 🙂

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You can create B2B/wholesale inquiry form on your Shopify store using Helium Customer Fields. No code form builder for Shopify stores of all sizes. 😊 

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