How can I find a UK sports equipment supplier for my new business?

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Hi all here,

How would I go about getting a products supplier in the Uk that would supply me sports equipment and clothing for my company which I am just starting out, so I don't know where to start with this, please your advice would be very much appreciated.

Also, is it okay to sell products from the US while my shop address is in the UK please?

Thank you

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You can find a dropshipping app that connects to your Shopify store and can give you access to  sports equipment and clothing items from the UK. 


We recommend using dropshipping platforms with suppliers that ship fast, so start by checking their reviews on Shopify. These are all the apps that can help you find products on Shopify:


One of these apps is AppScenic, a dropshipping automation platform that can help you find lots of fashion and sports suppliers that can also ship super fast to countries like UK, USA, CAN or more. You can check more about the app here:


Hope this helped and happy dropshipping! 🙂

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Hi @samuelibe,

Have you heard about Syncee?
We are a leading B2B dropshipping platform, helping retailers and suppliers connect all around the world. You’ll find trusted suppliers from UK or shipping there.
You can also select product categories, in your case: Sports & Entertainment for equipment and Fashion->Clothes->Sports Wear for clothing. If you find products on Syncee Marketplace you like, you can then easily add these products to your Shopify store, and Syncee will update the product data automatically every day, moreover, your orders will be automatically synchronized as well right to your supplier.

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Hi @samuelibe 

Hope you are doing fine.

As you mentioned about Sports, I can suggest uou some Sports Cloths Wholesaler & Manufacturer from UK. Hope you will get some help.


All the best.