How can I manage different pricing for wholesale and retail customers on Shopify?

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I'm purchasing an established Shopify business that is primarily wholesale but has a retail ecommerce presence. The current owner runs all sales through Shopify but has each item SKUd twice, one at a retail price and one at a wholesale price, which causes the inventory to always be off. Is there an app or some way to give different pricing to different customers without two separate SKU numbers? I don't need an online wholesale store (we do most of our sales through shows), so I don't need to show two separate prices on the website.


Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Wholesale Pricing Discount offers you B2B/B2C combined store options. After customizing the theme with the app, there would be no need to SKU each item twice. Wholesale customers bearing the right tag can simply log in and see the discounted prices all across the store.

Furthermore, use this link to get information regarding the app and its features.

I am a customer success specialist at Wholesale Helper. Happy to walk you through too if you’d like a personalized demo.

I hope this helps 🙂

Ahmed Talha

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Hi @Dhill1 
Did you find a solution for this, if not you can try the Discount Depot App. I have been using the Discount Depot app for my website to showcase different discounted prices for my "Wholesale Customers", and normal "Retail Customers" with a Custom tag on the product saying you are a Wholesale customer or you are a Retail customer.

You would need to assign the Customers with the "Wholesale" & "Retail" tags and based on that create the discount rules for the customers having the Wholesale tags.


Rohan Sharma