How can I mix dropshipping products with my own in my online store?

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Hello there to everyone.I've been selling some products in turkey as a wholesaler. I just decided to make my business bigger so ı came across this platform. ı will be glad about your answers to my questions, my dear friends.

1-How to send my products to Shopify's warehouse(if there is a warehouse,ı have no idea).

2-Can ı design my shop that the mix of dropshipping's products and mine.




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Hi Batu, as far as I know, Shopify isn't a product importer/exporter on your behalf, they are just the platform to sell on. You would still need to figure out your own logistics for your product storage and shipping. 


You can design your shop to have a mix of both, there's a few features that you can use to turn products visible for some viewers and off for others, which could help in your case.


Hope this tid-bit of info helps, thanks! 

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