How can I profit from dropshipping when large retailers have lower prices?

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My online Shopify store has been active for almost a month now.  I have been advertising on FaceBook, Tiktok, Google Ads and Instagram and am yet to obtain a sale.


I have had hits to my website and suspect that potential buyers are comparing my pricing to that of Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and Aliexpress.


Could someone please explain to me how we can buy wholesale through Oberlo or other wholesale dropshippers and make a profite while Ebay and amazon are selling to the public at a lower price than I can buy through Oberlo?


Do these shops only supply wholesale?  I am trying to establish whether it is beneficial at all to operate an online store unless I manufacture and sell my product myself?

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To Much is a a way to bring people in to do all the work and leave them broke. There are a lot of places that say they are wholesale when they are just retail trying to get someone to buy their products and they make it while the others get left holding the products. If you want true wholesale reach out to the Factories your self have something made, But places like Handshake, Faire and much more are just people pretending to sale Wholesale to sale their products off in bulk. 

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Hi.  I just wondered if you had an online Shopify shop and whether you are selling product at all?  I have been live for almost a month and have had thousands of website visitis and no purchases.  I have tried to reduce the prices to compete with ebay and amazon.  I am in Australia so can't use Handshake.  I have discovered that anyone can buy from Aliexpress and they don't seem to be only wholesale.

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Hello @Melvz 


Buy in bulk from Chinese suppliers and sell it for a cheap retail price. 

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Isn't that what Aliexpress is?

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Making your own is definitely not a wise choice, it will take your energy and cost you money.

Have you tried adding links to your products in Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok, it will be easier to discover and find.

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Hi @Melvz 

You can find wholesale suppliers on Syncee Marketplace:

Syncee - Global Dropshipping
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