How can I sell products varying in weight from 1g to 10kg online?

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One part of my business is wholesale and I would like to it that part through shopify.

We will create draft invoices

How on earth do I sell online a product that could range from 1gram to 10kg when you only have 100 variants and also when a kg of carrots is £1.50. A gram would be 0.0015p. 

How is this possible please???

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Hi @DanTywyn,

This sounds interesting, I'd like to better understand what you're trying to achieve. Bear in mind that to sell Wholesale you have two options that are outlined in Shopify's WholeSale Guide:

1) If based in the US you could Use the Handshake marketplace:




2) Otherwise, if you're a large enterprise you may want to upgrade to the Shopify Plus plan where you can have a dedicated WholeSale Channel:


 To the crux of your question: you're absolutely right that the limit on the number of variants one product can have is 100. So it would not be possible to create a variant for every gram between 1gram and 10kgs.

Generally, store owners sell in bigger increments like 500g or 1kg.

An alternative would be to upload each variant as a product in itself on your store instead, but that's pretty tedious. Also if you're selling wholesale then presumably your customers are going to want to buy in bulk weight too?

If I got a sense of what kind of store you're building I may be able to better help you! It sounds like you might be creating a food business of some sort, so here are some successful food stores talking about how they overcame common hurdles.

I hope this helps!


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