How do experienced dropshippers manage long shipping times?

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Hello Community,


I am dropshipping using Zendrop and Oberlo as my suppliers. I am starting to get a decent amount of traffic and orders this month.  I'm also getting some complaints about how long its taking for customers to receive their product.  2-3 weeks shipping is not competitive with Amazon next day delivery.  How have some of you seasoned dropshippers dealt with this obstacle?




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Hi @adturner 


We recommend using suppliers like Spocket, Merchmixer for quick delivery. 

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@adturner  I've worked with people that start with the aliexpress type of dropshipping and then start carrying popular items in house, then on those you can offer regular shipping speeds.

You can either ship them in-house, or send stock to Amazon warehouses and ship via FBA (and of course double dip by selling on Amazon).


Other than that, managing expectations will help keep customers happy:

- Create a nice graphic that on the product page says this item takes 2 - 3 weeks delivery time.
- Edit the language on the checkout page (Theme > Language), to indicate the average delivery time of the option they select
- Edit the order confirmation email to remind them that an item(s) in their order will take 2 - 3 weeks (you could make the text red so it stands out).

I helped a couple stores implement those tactics and it resulted in fewer customer service complaints and emails. If you need any help implementing something that requires development beyond your teams experience feel free to reach out to, our developers work Shopify sites every day.

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Hi @adturner 

Syncee suppliers offer short delivery time, try it:

Syncee - Global Dropshipping
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