How do I Make certain products only visible to select wholesale customers?


How do I Make certain products only visible to select wholesale customers?

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Our website,, sell Lash supplies. We also have 4 salons. When the salons require more stock, they login and purchase via our website at their wholesale pricing, this is set up using an app, "Wholesale All In One". What we need help with, we have a product that is exclusive to our salons only. We don't want to show this on our storefront, but only show to our other physical salons so they are able to add this product to their order when they are ordering stock. 


Is there a way to make this possible?





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Hi @Lashenvypro 


We recommend using Locksmith. 

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Locksmith is one of the most recommended apps for merchants who would like to have flexible permissions for different customers. Locksmith is the best way to make sure the right people see the right content in your store.

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LockSmith is also an app which provides this features,

But it's charge on Monthly Basis, If you Want to customize this features into theme for one time Investment,
Then you have to hire a developer to add this features,
Let me know, if you need these features, We will surely help you.
Thank you.

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Hi @Lashenvypro 


We recommend using Locksmith. 

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It's content gating, plenty of forum topics on this it's similar to a wholesale customization that uses customer tags but instead use product data.

To indicate such a product use a metafield definition of boolean-type , or a use product tag on that product .

Then check that data in product template for displaying product elements conditionally.


{% unless product.metafields.wholesale_only %}

...product template code

{% endunless %}


If you need to get this customization contact me at

with project info: store url, theme url and customization details

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Hello @Lashenvypro 


1. Leverage Wholesale All In One's built-in features:

  • Product Visibility Settings: Most wholesale apps like Wholesale All In One offer the ability to control product visibility based on customer groups. You can create a "Salon" customer group and only assign it to your salon accounts. Make the exclusive product visible only to the "Salon" group, effectively hiding it from your regular retail customers.
  • Collections: Create a dedicated collection for the exclusive product and configure it to be visible only to the "Salon" customer group. This provides a more organized way for your salons to find the product within the wholesale section.

2. Utilize Shopify's Liquid:

  • Conditional logic: Edit your theme's product listing template with Liquid code. Add logic that checks if the current customer belongs to the "Salon" group. If not, remove the product from the listing entirely or display a message indicating it's unavailable.
  • Product tagging: Assign a specific tag (e.g., "salon-exclusive") to the product. Modify your theme's code to filter out products with that tag from the main storefront, while displaying them normally within the wholesale section for salon customers.

3. Consider alternative apps:

  • Member pricing: Explore apps like "Wholesale Club by Bold Commerce" or "Tiered Pricing" that offer granular control over product visibility and pricing based on customer groups or membership levels.

4. Check out this free app which is alternative to locksmith if it helps

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