How do you manage your outbound consigned stocks?

How do you manage your outbound consigned stocks?

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I use Shopify as my all-in-one platform which contains not just my own stocks (available for sale on website) but also my "consigned" stocks meaning stocks I consigned to other local vendors (offline channels).

Wondering if there's any app or workaround that someone here used to manage similar situation?


Alternatively, I am thinking I probably need to take this and manage it separately via Airtable (using AirPower sync + additional columns/ tables).


My objectives is to track my consigned stocks alongside current Shopify stock level (my consigned stock levels will only be updated manually every now and then through offline stock check with (outbound) consigned vendors.


NOTE: When I talk about "consignment", these are basically stocks that still belong to me and I bear the risk if they aren't sold. Consigned vendors reimburse me after selling them. Which is why I need to track them alongside my master stock level.

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