How does drop shipping work for custom products?

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I posted this in the wrong category a few minutes ago so I am posting it here just to make sure that it gets seen by the right people!


Hello I am brand new to shopify and I was looking at a store that i want to buy my product from but I was not sure how dropshipping works or if I could even use them for the stuff I am trying to sell. I currently want to sell things like Standees, Enamel Pins, stickers, Shirts. Things of that nature. I would be buying them from a store that makes customs of those and then I guess where does drop shipping come into play here?


Thanks ahead of time for any answers I will keep scouring the area trying to learn as much as I can.

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Hi @Delphonse 

You can source these kind of products from Syncee Marketplace and you can upload them to your store:

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Hello @Delphonse 


Please learn about dropshipping here.

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Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method in which a business doesn't keep the products it sells in stock.

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Hello @Delphonse ,


Welcome to Shopify.....I'll explain few points about Dropshipping.


In Dropshipping you are Drop shipper  as well as owner of your store, Means you are just selling suppliers products in your store after suppliers will send to your customer this process called as Dropshipping.


How to start Dropshipping?

-> Select a supplier.
-> Choose your required products.
-> Design website to sell products.


In app store you can find "Tuecus Global Dropshipping".  It  provides worldwide shipping with 7 to 15 days delivery time with trustworthy of your brand.



Team Tuecus.

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