How does dropshipping with small items work using Dsers?

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I would like to use drop shipping for gag gifts. Most of these would be small inexpensive items. I have tried out several dropshipping apps. I am hesitant to use dsers since the products come from alibaba and take a long time to ship. How exactly does dropshipping work with dsers? I am sure one item for say $5 will not be shipped to the customer all the way from china? Unfortunately so far the only place I have found the products I want is from a source like alibaba. I would like to find suppliers that can ship fast and not require me to buy in bulk.

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Hi @Wanderer230 ,


Please try us, fast and with no minimum order quantity.

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Hi @Wanderer230,

If you are looking for a reliable product sourcing app, you should check Syncee. You can browse among millions of dropshipping products with fast shipping. Use the advanced search bar to easily find the products you would like to sell.

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