How does shipping work with multiple suppliers in dropshipping?

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I want to ask if I am starting a new dropshipping business can I contact different suppliers to supply an exact same product? If yes, then what happens if a customer orders the product? Do each supplier ship the product and the customer ends up with multiple products? Or does Shopify have some kind of way of choosing which supplier will ship the product?

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Their is option for the Vendor.
For every product it has the vendor name, by the vendor name your Supplier get the exact information about that.

Thank you.

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@Zworthkey can you explain further on how to do that and how it works, please?

Thank you for taking the time to help me.

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Hi @Mo_Alyami 


Which Shopify app you are using to manage suppliers? 

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@dropship_helps, I have not started my business yet I am just asking so I know what I am diving into. Do you have any recommendations on which app to use?

I really appreciate your help.


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Hello @Mo_Alyami ,


You can surely source items to sell from multiple suppliers. When a customer places an order and if you run out of stocks from a certain supplier, you can surely source the items from another. So chances are, your customer might receive more than one package as each supplier will be shipping the item/s separately.


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Grace and the Spocket Team

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Thank you @TeamSpocket for your help.

But is there a way that I can manage my suppliers? For example, who is my #1 preferred supplier, #2 preferred supplier and so on. So if a customer pays for 1 product they do not get multiple products for the price of one rather my #1 supplier ships the product but if they run out then my #2 supplier ships instead. 

Did you get it? It is like a queue if one runs out then the second ships instead but only 1 supplier ships at a time

Is there a way to set it up like this?

Many thanks for your help.