How to add a new supplier for a product without changing the order?

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I have a customer that wants to buy a product from me and I just found out I don't have access to the product through the original supplier that I have attached to my store. How do I go about adding on a new supplier for the same product without changing the order or changing my whole product listing? This is one of the few sales I've had so far and really don't want to cause the customer an issue or delay them receiving the item. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Hi, thanks for answering. I don't need to find the product itself. I need to figure out how to change suppliers on my listing without cancelling or messing up the order. Can you tell me how to do that part?

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HI, I have a few suppliers right now. The one for this product is Doba. I would rather be using CJ but haven't learned how yet. I'm not familiar with ERP. I don't really have a problem with finding a supplier for the product, I just want to switch the supplier without changing or cancelling the customer's order. I haven't actually bought the product from the supplier yet.

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Again, I don't need to find the product. I need to know what things to do on Shopify to change the supplier. It's more of a technical issue, not a merchandise issue.

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If you get the product from another supplier, this will be treated as a different product internally in Shopify, unless us use the same product page and just change it's price other info.

What you can do instead, is to edit the product's URL so you can continue and sell it using the same link.




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Hi @DiamondAlways 


Do you mean multiple supplier for one product listing? 

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No, it doesn't have to be more than one. I just want to get rid of the one I have without causing too much of an issue with the customer. Meaning like if I can just switch mapping or something without changing the order or the product listing itself. I'm probably going to have to change it all soon, but I just wanted to get this order out as quickly as possible.

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You can find the another supplier and process the order with the new supplier. You will need to update the product listing if product is not same as supplied by the old supplier.

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