How to change or remove the white bar appearing in my cart?

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How do change the color of the white bar or get rid of it completely. It only happens when i add an item to the cart Thank you.

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Hi @IvanW34 

It is a checkout button, but you set the button's background color, and the text is white, so you see it like that.  

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Go to your Theme settings and take a look at the colors in the checkout settings. Change the color of the button or text, that will be a quick fix so it's not a blank button. Also gives the customer the option to go to checkout now, it's always good to have an easy way to check out.


To remove it completely, the easiest way is to hire a developer, it would be a quick fix for someone familiar with Shopify, and it's good to have someone on hand for future edits.


But if you prefer to do it yourself, here's my recommended workflow:

1) In the theme editor, duplicate your live theme, then work in the new theme (prevent editing the live site)


2) Find the code you want to edit. You can either use a browser tool like Chrome Dev Tools, or you can read the relevant files in your theme (start with Theme.liquid and look at the included files, depending on where your screenshot shows up determines where you look. If it's on product page, start with Product.liquid. If it's on every page, start with Theme.liquid)


3) Comment out the code that you believe is showing that button, then refresh the preview to confirm that was it.


4) Publish the theme.


Some resources to help you if the steps above are not clear:


-> Editing your theme:


-> Shopify Liquid documentation:


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Hi @IvanW34,
Your button's text and background seem to be both white, which causes that situation. You can customize it by using the CSS or config it directly in the Shopify Theme Editor (most themes allow you to do so).

If you need further help, just drop your store URL and password (if any), and we will be happy to help you with any of your questions.

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