How to choose the right product bundle for volume sales?

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I need to bundle my products to look a certain way, but I need to know the right bundle to use to get the following bundle. Kindly assist. Thank you!






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Hey can you give us some more info on the problem you're having and what you are trying to do?

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Hello Patrick,

I would like to bundle a product (volume bundle) and I would like to use the following template and widget.


You see that when you select a widget, the price changes according to what you chose. I am currently using Bundler but the widget is not as neat and the price does not change when I select a widget. The following is what I have. I noticed that the Bundle is not immediately present when you open the page but appears afterward and comes with a popup which I do not want.



Another major problem with this Bundler is the fact when I add a product to cart it calculates the discount wrong even when I put fixed price as my discount and not percent. 


 I am looking for a better Bundle app that can give me what I want as shown above. My store URL is SnowMelt EM Pro™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Sno – Konch General

Thank you!