How to effectively start dropshipping from Europe?

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I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend some trusted dropshipping companies that have a wide range of products (from Europe).


Additionally, any advice or tips you can provide on how to begin this venture effectively would be immensely valuable to me. I'm eager to learn and make the most of Shopify's features and support to ensure the success of my online store.


Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing from you and benefiting from your expertise.

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The best way to start is to select a product category or niche for your store then find a suitable dropshipping supplier for those products. Some popular suppliers in Europe are:





Once you have found a supplier and done competitor analysis then proceed to having your store designed and content uploaded. After that is finished you can begin marketing using email, social media, and targeted ads.

Hope that is useful to you. Don't hesitate to reach out for further help!


Don't hesitate to reach out for more help with your store.
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Thank you for your answer.
I will check those dropshipping suppliers.

I'm wondering what tools you use to identify product categories with
significant growth potential, how you determine the YoY growth of category,
and how you analyze competitor sell-out data within a category. It seems
like the biggest challenge.

Is it worth starting dropshipping on marketplace without setting up your
own online store first? selling on a marketplace often has lower entry

Do you design your e-commerce store yourself, or do you hire a freelancer
or agency for that? do you have any recommendations?