How to efficiently import Trendsi products into Shopify?

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1. Trendsi has great product information in its product descriptions.
But, when you import the products to Shopify, it doesn't import this information as tags. So you have all this great info stranded in free text so you can't build filters based on them.


2. Trendsi Shopify integration only allows 1000 products to be added to your store in a 24 hour period. They claim it is a Shopify restriction, but Shopify has told me that it only applies to stores with over 50k products. This makes getting products into you store a long, tedious process.


3. Trendsi does put their products in nice, convenient categories that you can mirror in Shopify. But New products are placed in the New Product category and their eventual destination (Outerwear/Blazers, for instance) is not provided to Shopify so you have no way to automatically move new products into your Shopify categories.



I found this after committing to Trendsi so if anyone has ideas (aside from contracting with a developer) please let me know. I am staying with them despite all these issues.

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If you dropshipping it isnt the more skus the better especially you have no control on the inventory. You need find trending products then test them instead of import thousands of skus day by day, that's useless to dropshipping. Professional Chinese dropshipping agent