How to sell unsold clothing inventory when closing an online store?

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I’m unable to keep up with my online store, I’m looking to close it permanently but I have a lot of unsold clothing products. Where can I sell my products to get some cash back?

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Hi there, @mykiniandme


When it comes to selling those extra inventory you have, feel free to checkout this link I found from Teen Vogue. They provide 15 outlets that you can utilize to sell your clothes. 


I personally have used Facebook Marketplace without any issues. They do not charge any seller fees and communicating with your buyers is seamless and easy. Creating your posts is just as easy as posting a Facebook status as well. Your post will then be advertised to users near you who can they pick up their purchases from you.


Are you also able to share as to why you are leaving the platform?  Any information that you can share with us about your experience with Shopify will be much appreciated as are always trying to better ourselves through your feedback.

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Hi @mykiniandme 


Did you get in touch with your wholesaler from where you imported?