How to set up collective shipping costs correctly on Shopify?

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I know Shopify Collective is still a fairly new program, but I'm trying to get the shipping set up in a way that it makes sense and doesn't end up costing me money. I know that the vendors can set a flat rate shipping that the website owner covers, but how do I set up shipping costs for the customers properly? I thought I had it set up but it seems to be basing it off my entire order total and not just the total from that particular vendor - so I will be basically be paying for shipping twice (or three, or four times, if multiple vendors are purchased in one transaction).


I have tried talked to Shopify Support but they haven't been helpful.

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I'd like to find out too.  I'm not a fan of just doing a flat rate per order.  That can vary pretty wildly if they get different quantities of our products.

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Hello! Did you get this figured out? I would love to chat with you @megannakazawa.