I can’t have sell I don’t know why, if someone can help

I can’t have sell I don’t know why, if someone can help

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🤦🏻‍♀️Good morning, I had a store with Shopify and I has a problem with the store the problem is I can’t have sell I don’t know why, if someone can help me cause I need help thank you!

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Hi @Jephte 


What are the advertisement platform you have used? 

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Hi @Jephte 

Just like in any business creating a profitable Shopify store requires resources, patience, and willingness to learn. If you have a Shopify store with no sales, you need to invest in Ads and other forms of marketing (affiliate marketing, influencers, etc).
You also need to check your store's analytics and observe the traffic that goes to your store. I hope this helps.

You can check this article to help you get started with marketing.  I hope this helps. 


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Does Shopify have any tips for "unable to sell"? This will determine where is the problem? Maybe you should check inbox.