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Hi there!


I was wondering how to import a mass amount of pre-order available products into shopify. We run an anime and collectibles store which we are required to accept pre-orders on all Goodsmile products ("Must take preorders of all items offered by Good Smile Company in the region..")


I'm wondering how companies like and are able to import so many product do they just have enough employees to do it or is there some automation we should be aware of?


Anything to point us in the right direction would be SUPER helpful, we are even willing to throw some money into developing a solution.


Thank you!

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Our store is


We are a physical store WE DO NOT drop ship. Importing product is a little bit of a challenge, I have a program that imports directly from our invoices once we’ve order a product but we are struggling to import things have haven’t already arrived.


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Hi @Visualst


Do you already have all the products imported in Shopify or are looking for an automated way to import preorder products in bulk? Have you considered using Shopify's bulk import feature:


Once you have the products in Shopify, our team at DC Preorders can help convert the products automatically to pre-order products using product tags or vendors. Would this work for you?


Let me know and I can assist with adding preorders in bulk to your store.

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