Inventory Update Via Integration Issue

Inventory Update Via Integration Issue

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A vendor I work with has a Shopify integration app that I use to import item data and update inventory qtys from their website. "Track quantity" is enabled for all variants/SKUs and it works most of the time, but there are times when all the variants for an single item stop being updated from the vendor source. It leads to sales for items that are out of stock at the vendor. If I toggle the "Track quantity" option for a variant, sync resumes properly for that variant.


Is there a way I can toggle "Track quantity" in bulk for all my variants at once or is there a way to proactively identify when inventory updates have been disconnected for a SKU? Thanks.

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@chicboutique  Shopify, you can use CSV import/export or a bulk editing app to toggle "Track quantity" for variants in bulk. To monitor inventory updates, consider setting up alerts or using Shopify apps that offer inventory monitoring and notifications.

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