Is the BuildYourEcomm team trustworthy for ecommerce store building?

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Have anyone had any experience with this team:



Reason why I ask is because I have a guy on facebook that is founder of that site and claims he build a Shopify store with winning niche and promises good results, and he has accepted half payment before store build, and half after store is built


Now, is this 100% scam or is that site/team legit?

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Hi @Knugen 


Did you find any of their reviews online? 

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Not really

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Hi, last we had chatted you were working with them. did they come thru? or was it a scam? how was their work? 

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Well, I have gotten the results now, whilist I cannot say it was a "scam"
I definally cannot recommend them.

They claim they are using a "team" for building the store, yet they did many crucial misstakes after they handed over the work, I was very disstatisfied, they copy&pasted blog posts that still had "buy my book" quote in it and just plain stealed their text, 

And the main product was badly imported, they added pictures from two different products with low quality pictures (screaming aliexpress)

They promised me they would not use AliExpress, yet they did, with the same bad delivery times


No SEO at all, no optimization, no ALT text or anything, header tags and meta tags was not setup at all.

The cost I needed to pay did not reach my expectations, that far I can say.
The part they lied about was using Stripe payment, if they didnt deliver I could get refund, however that was not the case. Stripe can not do ANYTHING, only business merchant.

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Another update, after SEVERAL more critical flaws I decided I wanted my money back, the merchant initially refused refund, but after contacting Stripe its possible they can help.
I offered to transfer back the ownership of store after refund but they claim "we cannot do that"
No reason why.

DO NOT buy any services from Build Your Ecomm.