Is there a Shopify EDI compatible app for small businesses in Australia?

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We are small business looking to work with MYER dept store in Australia.

is Shopify EDI compatible or is there an app that can do this without having to upgrade to a full ERP system.


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Great work getting a spot in a store like Myer - can be a wonderful moment in business growth if that opens some more sales channels.

EDI is simply a data exchange format, so an app can take the data that Shopify returns (JSON), convert it to EDI, and have that ingested into your ERP the way it needs. You'll know when it's time to move to another ERP but that's going to be more a business function that will do it (eg, you'll start to use a single tool for payroll, manufacturing tracking, etc).

It also works the other way around as well - so from that ERP, convert to the format Shopify expects, then push the data in.

Depending on what you're using now there could be existing connectors to join the two platforms (Shopify + your small ERP), but it's also possible to do with custom dev too. 

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Hi Jason

Thanks so much.

I have set up EDI before but always with full ERP system.

This new biz is not looking to get ERP system for a while so i'm trying to see if shopify can integrate with Myer EDI without having to set up ERP just yet.  So with Shopify only as a system is there an app recommendations that can help or EDI will only work with some type of ERP ?

thanks in advance 

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We have an app that integrates Shopify with EDI. We have maps already built for these ANSI X12 documents and functionality.

  • 850 - We have bi-directional functionality with this.  We can create purchase orders in Shopify from 850s and we can create 850s from orders in Shopify.
  • 810 - We can create invoices from Shopify and/or Quickbooks online to 810
  • 856 - We have bi-directional functionality with this advanced ship notice document as well.  We can update the tracking information in Shopify with the 856.  We can also create an 856 for fulfilled orders.
  • 846 - We have bi-directional functionality with this product inventory document as well.  We can create an 846 to send inventory levels to your trading partner.  We can also update inventory levels in Shopify from an 846.

Please reach out to me directly at so I can get more information about your requirements and see if we are a good fit for your needs.


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