Is there any way to sync Shopify product inventory with supplier inventory?

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Is there any way to sync Shopify product inventory with supplier inventory to prevent customers from being able to order items that are out of stock? Ideally when the product is out of stock for my supplier these changes will be reflected automatically in my online store. Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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If you supplier is on Shopify you both can use

It can sync inventory and also forward the orders automatically 

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Yeah it is possible to sync supplier inventory to Shopify if the supplier use an ERP inventory, however, mostly suppliers will not agree to sync inventories, for one thing, the inventory is dynamic, the supplier might not only have one clients or one platforms to sell the goods, even you sync the inventory it doesnt means you locked the inventory, for another thing, if you dropshipping from Aliexpress or Alibaba you will know mostly inventory are fake, it doesnt mean anything but misleading your marketing strategy.

Thus for dropshipping mode, if you need stable supply the keypoint isnt the supplier inventory, but to find 2 to 3 suppliers offers the same product at similar cost and quality as backup, communicate with them regularly or in advance when you test the best seller products to avoid the products out of stock. Professional Chinese dropshipping agent