Looking for a 3PL / fulfillment center in China recommendation

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We're a USA-based company that designs and sells goods domestically and internationally through self-fulfillment. We need to transition to outsourced order fulfillment, which seems relatively easy for the USA with several tried and tested providers available. However, finding a suitable one in China has been a challenge.


Our manufacturers are based in China and we need a solution for storing goods and fulfilling non-USA orders from there because shipping 100% of our inventory from China to the USA adds ~2 months to each product launch and restock, unnecessary double-shipping expenses and import tariffs for the portion of goods that ends up being exported to other countries. Certainly, we are not the only ones with this problem.


Would someone be so kind as to suggest a 3PL or fulfillment in China that meets the following basic requirements?

-responsive, reliable communication in English

-capable of shipping parcels via UPS or Fedex, up to 8 kg

-capable of shipping freight to other fulfillment centers (ex: USA)

-has climate-controlled storage


Thank you in advance for any advice.

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Hi @natanat 


Please check these two fulfillment companies from China. 





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Hi Natanat,


We are a Chinese 3PL located in Guangzhou with 5 years dropshipping order fulfillment experience, we can speak fluent English, ship via various couriers based on your requirements, also we can help you ship bulky goods via air or sea to USA warehouse, and our warehouse is climate controlled. 


Let me know if you have any questions for our service.

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