Looking to optimize revenue and margins from your customers?

Looking to optimize revenue and margins from your customers?

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Introducing Traderunner!

Who are we?
We are an AI enabled Sales Booster Platform, built specifically for Wholesalers and Shopify store owners. 
Optimize your revenue and margins with our state of the art AI enabled techniques.
Upsell with our AI powered Product Recommendations:
Upsell with our Intelligent product recommendations and increase your revenue per customer.
Identify customers most likely to buy now and increase average order value. 
Send on-demand mails to your inactive customers, showcasing relevant product recommendations, along with discount codes, so that they come back to your store and purchase more. These product recommendations are generated with our state-of-the-art Data Science and AI enabled predictive techniques, which scan your historical sales order and product data to retrieve the most relevant product recommendations for each customer. We also generate a customer variant score, which lets you decide which customer-product combination has a higher chance of sales conversion, thus giving you an idea which combinations should the mails be sent and which ones can wait.
Reduce stockouts with our AI powered Forecast Recommendations:
Improve your ROI by reducing stockouts and reducing overstock.
Optimize inventory to reduce carrying costs.
Create purchase orders at the right time, so that the restocking happens before the stocks go out. With our data science and AI enabled predictive techniques, we recommend a date when the stock-out would likely happen and also the order-by date, ie. the date till which the re-order should happen, so that the product gets replenished before the stock-out happens. In this way, losses and customers lost due to stock-outs can be avoided. We have easy product options to create a purchase order too based on these recommendations.

Improve Margins with our AI powered Price Recommendations:
Offer your customers dynamic pricing based on historical data.
Increase your margins by optimizing your pricing based on each customer.
Purchase Orders Workflow:
Efficiently replenish your stock by placing purchase orders with your suppliers on time.
Bill them partially or fully with utmost ease.
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Free for Shopify Staff.
Awaiting few installs and some feedback.
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