My customer cant get past the log in page

My customer cant get past the log in page

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One of my customers has tried and failed to place an order for the past week. When login onto their account they get past the log in page. Go to the header that holds the stock they want and clicks. It takes them back to the log in page - over and over again!

They have tried login in on 3 different devices. Tried Safari and Chrome. Cleared their browser history. Recieved and used a password reset. Nothing works.

Can someone please advise. I have suggested all of my usual paths of fixing this problem.



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Hey there, @K1RSX!


Thanks for reaching out to the Community today with this login situation! This is a great place to come by any time you have questions about your Shopify store, or anything else Shopify related. 


I appreciate you working as hard as you have to help this customer troubleshoot the issue. These situations are usually local (so customer specific) but I have a few questions I want to ask to determine this for sure: 


  • What theme are you using in your store? 
  • Have any other customers let you know that they were having issues with this?
  • Have you tested this functionality yourself using a 'dummy' customer account? If so, do you experience this same issue? 
  • Are you able to provide a link to your store so we can test the account functionality ourselves to see if we can replicate this error? Can you also share with us what specific product it is that they're trying to purchase and what button they're clicking to purchase it. 
  • Do you use any applications for your customer accounts or for the product the customer is trying to purchase?
  • Have the customer tried making a new customer account and attempted the purchase using that account?

If this isn't a local issue, my next thought would be a coding issue with your theme regarding the functionality of the button the customer is clicking. Testing this button while logged into accounts ourselves should help us determine this because if we can replicate, we know it isn't a local issue. 


While we work to determine what the cause may be and what some next steps are, you can help the customer place their order by making a draft order for them on their behalf for the time being. This doesn't solve the issue, but you will be able to complete the transaction and provide the product to the customer with a draft order while working through this issue for them. 


I'll keep my eyes peeled for your follow up reply so we can get all of that requested information and determine some next steps. 

Imogen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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