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Hi there, 


I am wanting to use Printify to supply to my international customers, and I’ll ship from my location to customers in the same country (New Zealand). Is there any way to do this with only using one listing? 
how can I make the order come to me for local orders and go to Printify for international orders? 

thanks heaps, sorry if this is in the wrong section 

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Hello @brydee8 ,

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Yes, in your case, you can set up a fulfillment location on both Shopify and Printify without separating the listings.

  • Set up a fulfillment location: In your store's settings, create a new fulfillment location and set it to your location in New Zealand. This will allow you to fulfill orders shipped within the country.
  • Assign the fulfillment location to your local product variant: In the product variant that corresponds to local orders, assign the fulfillment location you created in step 1.
  • Assign Printify's fulfillment service to your international product variant: In the product variant that corresponds to international orders, assign Printify's fulfillment service as the fulfillment provider.
  • Set up your shipping rates: In your store's settings, create shipping rates based on your local fulfillment location for local orders and use Printify's shipping rates for international orders.

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