Personalizing products - self production - plugin?

Personalizing products - self production - plugin?

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Hey Community, 


my wife is running a printing business and I'm from the online marketing sphere, so the idea is to start a Shopify shop for posters (wallart - small niche, brand already live on other markets) where the customer can customize/personalize his poster. 

I found a lot of "full service options" - but I want to work with wifeys company for printing and send out. Is there a plugin which allows the customer to modify the poster/wallart and then I get an PDF out of it which can be send to any email? 


Hope you guys understand my question, if not please re ask (not a native speaker). 

Thanks a lot, 

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You can check these Personalizing Products suppliers:


You can check these Self Production Plugin suppliers:


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Hi @PLP 


Please check these two suppliers for personalized printing.


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Hi @PLP 
Have you got your answer yet? If not, you can take a look at Teeinblue - an all-in-one Product Personalizer for Print on demand products. Teeinblue allows you to self-add & sell your own product. And you will receive a print-ready file in PNG or JPG. You can use online tools to convert the file format. 

Teeinblue Product Personalizer

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Hi @PLP,

It has been a while since you raised the topic, and I'm unsure if you have already found a suitable solution. However, I still want to suggest a solution for you (and other members) to consider if you encounter a similar issue in the future 🤗.


To set up custom options for your service, I recommend using the Easify Product Options app.


Here are some demos of websites selling posters and wall art, which were set up using the app:


App settings on Shopify Admin:




App settings on Shopify Admin:



These demos are provided as Templates by the Easify Product Options app. You can select a template and customize it to meet your specific site requirements.




The app offers many exciting features beyond these demos, so I encourage you to explore it further 🙌!

Easify Product Options: Create custom product options 10X faster & easier!
Easify Product Attachments: Effortlessly add downloadable PDF files (or any other format) to Shopify pages!
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