Product price difference between Aliexpress and Shopify via DSers

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Hello there,


I am new to dropshipping and now setting up my store. For now, I am only using the DSers app to import the products to my store. The primary market is the USA. 

When I crosscheck the prices between Aliexpress, Dsers, and Spotify, I can find differences. I am aware that some variations of the same products can be priced differently, so when comparing the prices I make sure that I am looking at the same variation in all 3 spots. 


Aliexpress price: $13.40 with free shipping

Price shown in DSers: $16.02 - $22.92

Spotify price: $17.97 - 20.65. (As Spotify price I mean the price that is shown at the product editing page, where you edit the details of the product as well as the pricing) 


Which price should I consider as the correct one? 


Thank you!

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I am no expert, but I would add up the item price and the shipping price to see who is cheapest. So you can profit better. With that being said, check the reputation of those vendors, who ships faster?, read their reviews to find any flags that could cause you a problem if you use them. I would not try and use too many vendors,  it will just cause you confusion. Bottom line is your stores reputation, and your profits.