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I have 100 store views from Facebook ads but absolutely 0 sales.. what am I doing wrong? How do I stop losing customers?

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Hi @Dueyyy 


What is the product? 

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Hi there, @Dueyyy


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to gather some input regarding anything about the platform!


With regards to your inquiry, I second what @dropship_helps has asked. Any information that you can share about your business will help myself and other contributors understand your situation better and provide more tailored solutions. Feel free to also share your store URL, if you want. It is common practice here in the Community for contributors to review new stores and provide feedback on certain things to improve on. 


In the meantime however, I have also attached some useful resources for new merchants like yourself: 



I am looking forward to hearing more from you. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hello there, I would have loved to have a look at your store first to analyze  but here are a few general suggestions I believe could help. 
1) Ensure you make use of a sticky header. This would make customer experience much better and increase their interest in your store.

2) Make sure there are positive customer reviews on the homepage. These would help build the level of trust that customers have in the store.

3) There should be an add to cart button on each product page. This would make it easy for customers to add products that they like to their carts and could likely lead to an increase in sales. You can download the add to cart button app here 

I wish you and your business the best of luck!

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Hi @Dueyyy 


I'm sorry but 100 store views are not enough for store traffic. 

For a new store, your initial goal is to be able to hit the following milestone:

1. Have monthly traffic of at least 2000 visitors.
2. Have a conversion rate of at least 2%.


Since you are running facebook ads, consider doing AD retargeting. AD retargeting involves using the data from your previous ad campaign to tweak (retarget) your ads. This one can take some time to master and involves a little bit of trial and error but it definitely gives great results if done correctly. You can check this article from Shopify - Facebook Retargeting: How to Win Back Your Almost-Customers.

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Hi @Dueyyy 

Let me try to help you. 

1. What is store URL?

2. Have you made any sales at all?

3. How long has your store been live?


Let me know - I will take a good look.

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