shipping directly from dropshipping supplier?

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Hello, I just started my shopify buisness and I’m still a little new to this so this question might be a little obvious to some of you, but I genuently don’t know the answer. I have been wanting to dropship some items and I am wondering whether or not the items from the dropshipping store could be shipped directly to my customers without coming to me first as the shipping to my country is much more expensive than to most of the other countries. In that case, does shopify have the option of adding the shipping cost to the item after it had been put into the basked and all that. Because now the shipping cost is added to my item price and when posting the item on my webside I have to select which country I want to ship it to, when in reality I don’t want to ship it only to on country. Thank you for all your replies, they will be appreshiated. 

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Setup price of your items on your store cover almost shipping fee and then fulfill your orders directly on drophipping site to your customers address. dropshipping-la-gi.jpg

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Try Aliexpress dropshipping for 1 to 2 months you will know how it proceeds. Professional Chinese dropshipping agent