Shopify Balance to Payable Amount (CJ's Dropshipping)

Shopify Balance to Payable Amount (CJ's Dropshipping)

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Good morning. Looking for some guidance. Recently launched my website however, I am having issues connecting my shopify balance to CJ's dropshipping in order to fullfill orders. Wondering if there is a step or steps that I missed when I set up my store.

Sequence is as follows:


1. Someone places order on my website.

2. Monies are in my shopify balance

3. Sync orders into CJ droppshipping profile 

4. Add to cart

5. Submit

6. Select "Orders Fulfillment"

7. Then I have to select payment option to fulfill orders and none of the options are connected to my shopify balance that has the monies paid by the customer. 


Appreciate any insights! Thank you!

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