Shopify to Shopify order fulfillment automation.

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I dropship a product from a 3rd party website that is also built on Shopify. I know there are automation apps for aliexpress and other wholesale websites, but is there a way for me to automatically place an order on my supplier's website, with my customer's shipping information, automatically?

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Hello @drzoffroad ,

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We do have an app that perfectly for you - Aliorders, which can help dropshippers find & import AliExpress products, set pricing rules, and fulfill orders automatically with just a few clicks.

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@drzoffroad it's doable but you'd have to create an app that has access to both stores.


I would talk to your supplier(s) and ask them if they have other options rather than manually placing each order. Since manually placing an order on their website requires time or resources, those are wasted resources that could be used to grow the business, making their business more successful too.


Some examples I've seen:

a) Send them an email with the order information

b) Send them a csv sheet with a list of orders and any information they require (for example once per day)

c) Since they're both Shopify you could build a custom app, like I said. This app would be subscribed to your order webhooks, and then communicate with the other store via a "private app" they create (basically just to get API credentials), to place the order in their store.


If solution A will work for them, then you can either configure email filters to forward orders with their products, or you can use Order Automator to easily send the supplier the contents of their products when they come in. This app can automate solution B as well.


If neither of those work, you would want to build a custom app. If your supplier works with multiple Shopify stores, you could pitch them to handle this, letting them know it will automate the flow for all their suppliers.

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That's bad business idea if you dropship via Shopify supplier as you wont have competitive price and low margin, instead you can find supplier from Alibaba or Aliexpress even Chinese online platforms for far more lower price. Professional Chinese dropshipping agent