Store Get alot of added to carts but no conversations

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My store is in the 4K range with weekly visitors. No returning store is empirewardrobe was looking for some advice on whats wrong with it. maybe I just need a different set of eyes. Or can it be bad traffic? 

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Hi @Empirewaredrobe 


What is your traffic source? 

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Facebook ads but im moving to pintrest and google next!

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Facebook ads but im moving to pintrest and google next!

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Hello @Empirewaredrobe 

 Sorry for the frustration you might have encountered with your Shopify store

I've also checked the store and I can see that is well set up.


Your marketing statics are good enough to drive you a huge amount of sales. As you have stated "4k per month" I also understand as a normal human being, is not easy to be investing time and money into a business and in the long run, nothing is coming out positively.


  But where exactly the issue is coming from is from the supplier you chose for the product delivery, I also checked the store and I can see that some items can not be shipped to my country, that is not good enough for you because you are shipping globally.



1. CHOOSE a particular country that is near hood to the supplier country if not delete the product and add another one.


2. INSTALL your ads channel pixel to your website so that it will help you track where exactly the traffic is coming from, that will help you know the AOC of the problem.


3. CONSIDER your shipping price, your shipping price is also included because during the checkout and your customer notice that the shipping fees are too high to afford for him/her, (×2 of the product price) the customer can  abandon the checkout.


4. SET UP AUTOMATION LETTER, This will help you to remind all your customers that have incomplete orders and carts automatically as you set the flows


 If you know this can be complicated to do we are happy to help  


If the suggestion is welcomed don't hesitate to give LIKE and mark it as a SOLUTION.




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Hi @Empirewaredrobe,


Best way to know the problem is go to your website  as a customer and try to order stuff. This is what I found on your website by the way. See image below. Do you only ship to certain countries? I would suggest to let your customers know and target customers in ads base on location (if you use ads).




If this fixed your issue Likes and Accept as Solution is highly appreciated. Coffee tips fuels my dedication.
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Yes I ship in the united states and I don't know why this is doing this.  i ship everywhere? How would I fix this!