The products I imported are not showing up on my page from "DSers"?

The products I imported are not showing up on my page from "DSers"?

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I imported a bunch of shirts from DSers app but when I go to my Shopify, none of them are visible. When I view each product individually, it shows as Sold Out. All m products are included in the sales channel. Does anyone know why my products from DSers are not showing up?


Thank youScreenshot 2024-01-24 022829.pngScreenshot 2024-01-24 022752.pngScreenshot 2024-01-24 022728.png

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If you have a problem with an app, I would contact the app directly, they'll likely have the best information, and can look into your store since their app is connected.


Other than that, here's how I would debug this:
1) Check the product variant details page to make sure inventory is stocked at a location that your customers can checkout with

2) If there is inventory, and the product is set to active and on the online store sales channel, open up your theme editor and navigate to the area that shows the product details (if you're not sure, start with the product.liquid template and work your way down... I've often seen it in a Snippet called product-form.liquid)

3) Create a test product and put inventory in it, and see if that shows, compare what's different between the 2 products

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