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Hi, this is Strange items.

I am just starting dropshipping and I recently opened the store, but there is a small problem, which is that I must have a license to operate. When I visited the UAE government website, I found the following license. This is the information about the license.


Activity Code: 6312004

Activity Group: Information Technology

License Type: Professional

Activity Description:

Includes firms operating websites that act as portals to the internet, via PCs and digital devices, to link buyers and sellers deals, it also involves listing sellers products as well as hotel rates to make consumers shop online and travelers to make hotel reservations, the role of such firms is restricted to brokerage only apart from finalizing the transactions between said parties.

Can I work under this license?

Thank you.

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Hi, You will need to apply for an e-commerce licence. 
Have a look at Dubai Economic Website

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thank you I will look at Dubai Economic Website. and I will come back and tell you what happen

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Based on the information from the UAE government website, it seems like the license with Activity Code: 6312004 under the Information Technology group allows you to operate a website that acts as a portal linking buyers and sellers. Since your dropshipping business involves listing products and facilitating online shopping, this license appears to be suitable for your needs. You should be able to work under this license, as it includes brokerage services for online transactions.Let chart for more information.

Best of luck with your store!

Thank you.

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