What 3rd Party App to Use To Set Up A Wholesale Company

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We don't use Shopify Plus and I believe that the wholesale channel is finishing in 2024. I have been talking on Shopify plus and they've given me some 3rd Party apps, Wholesale Gorilla, Wholesale Club and Custom Pricing.

Does anyone have any experience of these?


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Hi @creamcornwall Rebecca,
Yes I do have experience working with wholesale apps for my clients stores in the past, you can use any of the below shared app for the wholesale functioanlity on your website. I am listing below some apps that I have worked with in the past:-

Discount Depot App- https://apps.shopify.com/custom-pricing-shipping
Wholesale Gorilla - https://apps.shopify.com/wholesale-gorilla?show_store_picker=1
B2B Wholesale Club -https://apps.shopify.com/wholesale-club?show_store_picker=1

If you need to check more apps you can visit the Shopify App store for the same.

If you need any help with the integration of these apps you can ask the app support to do it for you.

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