What essential apps do you recommend for a new dropshipping store?

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I just opened a new dropshipping store and I was wondering what apps you guys use and consider to be essential for a store owner.
I am looking for apps for:
1. Reviews
2. upsell & cross-sell
3. order tracking
4. pop up adds
5. live chat
And I am open to recommendations
Thanks in advance, Michael

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Shopify Partner
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Great question! Are are some of my favorites:

  • Reviews: Yotpo, Okendo, Judge.me.
  • Upsell/Cross-sell/PPO: LimeSpot, Rebuy, CartHook (You may find their features overlap with the popup apps)
  • Order Tracking: AfterShip, Tracktor, ParcelPanel 
  • Popups: Justin, Privy, Wisepops 
  • Livechat: Zendesk (I'm a big fan, but it takes $), Freshdesk, Tidio, Shopify has a FREE chat function, too! ("Shopify Inbox" in the Shopify App Store)

You might also want to personalize your outgoing automated emails from Shopify using a template builder like UpOrder. For drop shipping, you may need to work on timing the order fulfillment handoff between your store and the fulfillment center AND your post-purchase offers and Upsell/Cross-sells. The add-ons may not be communicated to the shipper if they aren't coordinated properly. You should also remember that if your fulfillment center is overseas, your customers often need a tracking number and link for the international leg of the journey and another for the domestic. Providing both up front is a better customer experience. Your website should also be clear about expected shipping times. As long as you post about expected delays, it doesn't seem to deter too many customers. I like to say something like "Ships within 21 days of order placement" on the product page or something similar. It should also be addressed in your FAQs and Shipping/Return policy.