What questions should I ask vendors before adding their products to my store?

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New to this.... How important is it to reach out to the suppliers before I add a product to my store and what kind of questions should I ask?

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Hi @mdanie4m 


Please ask them whether they offer dropshipping service or not.  But many dropshipping supplies are available, no need to ask them. Just sign up, import products, and make sales.

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Hi @mdanie4m ,


It is very important to reach out to your suppliers first before adding their products to your store. Why? Because you would want to be ready and avoid any order issues with your customers which will affect your store reputation.


You should also identify if your supplier is "direct" or just a 3rd party and doesn't really have the products with them. Learning everything you can about what you are selling is critical to the success of your store. Being able to answer your customers' question helps sell the product.


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