What's a reliable payment gateway for use in Egypt?

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Does anyone no a good payment getaway for Egypt because none are working

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Hi there, @Thefreezy


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to gather some input regarding anything about the platform!


With regards to your inquiry, feel free to share more information about the issues you are facing on your end when it comes to these gateways. Any information that you can share will help us understand your situation better and be able to assist accordingly. 


In the meantime, please review the following documents to help you as well: 


  • This link will give you an entire list of all third party payment gateways that you can use in Egypt. 
  • This help document will provide you the steps on activating those third party gateways in your Shopify store. 


Let me know how these resources work out for you. I look forward to hearing more from you. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.